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Leadership Changes

For continual updates on leadership changes see Dance Data Project® – Artistic Director Transitions 2022 Spreadsheet

  • The Australian Ballet School Announces New Artistic Director
    • On April 16, 2024:  The Australian Ballet School announced that Megan Connelly (female) has been appointed as the next Artistic Director of the school effective May 31, 2024. Connelly succeeds Lisa Pavane (female) in the role. This is a female-to-female transition. 
  • Grand Rapids Ballet Announces New Executive Director
    • On April 19, 2024:  Grand Rapids Ballet announced that Mary Jennings (female) has been appointed as Executive Director of the company effective June 10, 2024. Jennings succeeds Glenn Del Vecchio (male) in the role. This is a male-to-female transition. 
  • Ballet Arizona Announces First Female Artistic Director
    • On April 24, 2024:  Ballet Arizona announced that Daniela Cardim (female) will succeed Ib Andersen (male) in the role of Artistic Director effective July 1, 2024. Cardim is the first female Artistic Director of Ballet Arizona. This is a male-to-female transition. 


Artist Opportunities

This section focuses on new or upcoming deadlines for artist opportunities, in conjunction with our Fellowships, Competitions and Initiatives Guide. For a more comprehensive list of artist opportunities, please see the link above.  

Outstanding Artists (lighting, music, tech, design, etc.)


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