From Little Rock Soirée:

En Avant: What’s Ahead for Ballet Arkansas

This profile on Ballet Arkansas celebrates the company’s history, accomplishments, and goals. The piece also features pieces of a conversation with Michael Fothergill, artistic and executive director, and Catherine Fothergill, associate artistic director. The article references DDP’s 2022 Largest 150 U.S. Ballet & Classically Based Companies & Financial Scope of the Industry Report to note that Ballet Arkansas appeared within the Largest 100 companies included in our ranking. Michael Fothergill is quoted as saying that this rating is an honor for Arkansas and for the company. Speaking on gender equity in Ballet Arkansas, he says that: “The organization is passionate about providing women and choreographers of color with abundant opportunities to share their talents with Arkansas audiences. This not only shines light on their incredible talents, but also informs our audience of the importance of fostering an environment of belonging.”

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