How Women Leaving The Workforce Impacts The Women Left Behind

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Natalia Peart | 3 December 2020

Recent news on women in the workplace has been focused on the pandemic forcing women out of the workforce. Whether it is because of job loss or being pushed out because of the home and child care burdens,  it’s clear that  COVID-19 has disproportionally impacted working women. However, less has been said of the impact on the women who remain in the workforce. What is the ripple effect on their workloads, mental wellness, and careers?

Chief, a private network of senior (C-Suite and VP level) women leaders, has surveyed more than 300 members. Not only do these women face greater visible and invisible demands as they lead their companies through these difficult times, but they are more stressed, pushing many close to burnout. Some are planning to leave their positions sooner than they anticipated.

Through an interview with Chief co-founder and CEO Carolyn Childers and co-founder Lindsay Kaplan, they highlight key survey findings, what is happening to the women leaders that remain in the workforce and what we must do to reverse these trends that threaten to erase the decades of progress women have made.