Decades of Progress Are on the Line. Really.

Connecting the Dots – #YesThisIsAnArtsStory Repost from Ellevest Magazine

Sallie Krawcheck | 27 October 2020

I wrote this on Sunday. And then last night, I watched, as we all did, the swearing-in of a new Supreme Court justice with a record of being hostile to issues that impact women. In a historic rush before the election. At night. By not-the-Chief-Justice. Standing up with three men, two of whom (Donald Trump and Clarence Thomas) are on the record with actions that have harmed the rights of women. For an appointment that a majority in the Senate prioritized over economic relief during a pandemic (which — as I talk about below — could have disproportionately helped women). It feels creepy, at best — and perhaps apocalyptic.

Do you also have a pit in your stomach as we approach Election Day (or more accurately, the last day of voting)?

It may be because everywhere we turn, we’re told how high the stakes are. And it may be because the rancor is so strong.

It may also be because of what 2020 has, uniquely, taught us: We understand that this pandemic has been awful for everyone. But it has drawn into stark relief that a faulty health care system hurts women more as the health crisis continues to cause ripple effects that throw the demands of family care disproportionately on us.

And from there — those disproportionate demands of family care — we can draw a direct line to a reversal of women’s economic and financial progress.

There are perhaps decades’ worth of economic progress being destroyed in 2020, hurting women more, right in front of us.

And we know that from there — we can draw a direct line from women’s financial equality to full equality in our society. When we lose financial ground, we lose ground. Period.