Winter 2021

The Winsor Bulletin

In 2015, Elizabeth “Liza” Yntema ’76 founded Dance Data Project® as a simple database, with the goal of tracking, via concrete metrics, the gender imbalance in artistic and administrative leadership in dance companies, venues, and organizations. Today, DDP has evolved into a global resource operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, raising awareness of inequity through analytical reports, advocacy, and programming. By showcasing women led initiatives, and using data to inform and enrich conversations, Liza and DDP are mobilizing others to take action, hold institutions accountable, and drive much-needed change.

Backed by mounting statistical evidence of widespread gender inequity across a variety of fields, Liza began to expand the scope of her work from its roots in DDP to galvanizing women to take control of their finances, and recognize their own power. The DDP website is now a centralized hub for resources. From ground-breaking research, to useful financial tools and guidelines, to news and interviews, the site also features DDP’s own Global Conversations, an online series of bite-sized interviews with industry insiders and experts. Topics range from the creative process, to addressing the changing social and political landscape with discussions on race, and the need to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic in order to survive in a post-COVID world.

A copy of the whole feature can be found below. You can also read it on the Winsor School website through the issuu reader on p. 55 here.