From Pointe Magazine:

Semperoper Dresden Dancer Rebecca Haw on Founding a Classical Ballet Agency

This article by Pointe Magazine reports on the recent establishment and founding of the platform CODA, a Classical Ballet Agency that is presumed to be the first of its kind. Created by Rebecca Haw, a dancer with Semperoper Dresden, this one-of-a-kind agency connects performers and companies, while providing dancers with guidance and support throughout the difficult and, often, tumultuous auditioning process. The agency currently represents 17 dancers for whom they have secured several gala and festival performance opportunities, as well as a notable short-term contract.  Through the agency, Haw intends to help alleviate the role of bias and prejudice in the hiring process. She notes that she has been educating herself on these issues within the classical ballet world and specifically cites DDP as a valuable tool and resource for this study.

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