New York Times: Marina Harss Asks the Right Questions

4 November 2018

A recent article by Marina Harss for the New York Times details the ABT Incubator initiative and implores companies to “give budding choreographers room to move.” Workshops to create new choreography are few and far between, Harss writes, particularly within classical companies.

She asks several questions about the future of the workshop and similar initiatives:

“Should it offer mentoring, as Ailey’s Choreographic Lab does? Or composition classes, as Juilliard does? As the choreographer Jessica Lang, one of the seven-person panel, said in an interview: ‘What are we are trying to do? What is the goal?’”

These questions have long needed to be asked, and certainly companies will soon learn the answers. We at DDP believe choreographers need practical information. Yes, they need mentoring and composition classes, but they also need business strategy and financial savvy. Articles like Harss’ remind us that in order to advocate, we must also inform.

Become informed: read Harss’ article in the New York Times.