Le Figaro: Aurelie Dupont Does the Right Thing

16 January 2019

Aurelie Dupont has rescinded Sergei Polunin’s invitation to dance with the Paris Opera Ballet in the upcoming spring season.

A tweet was released by the Paris Opera:

Compte tenu des propos publics tenus par Sergei Polunin, Aurélie Dupont, Directrice de la danse, a pris la décision de ne plus inviter l’artiste. Ces propos n’étant pas en adéquation avec ses valeurs et celles de l’Institution.

Translated, it reads, “Having taken into account the public remarks made by Sergei Polunin, Aurélie Dupont, Director of Dance, has made the decision to no longer invite the artist. These statements do not align with her values and those of the Insitution.”

Renouncing Polunin’s sexist and homophobic comments was a smart and appropriate move by the Paris Opera and its female leader. This announcement comes during a time where leadership must fight against years of sexism and female inequity in dance.

Le Figaro reported on the dancer’s controversial statements here.