Dance Australia: The only boy in the class

By Jake Burden

23 January 2019

How do you address the gender imbalance in the ballet studio? Ballet Brothers’ Jake Burden has some tips for teachers, parents and the boys themselves.

While some ballet schools offer programs designed specifically for boys, not all studios have the resources or numbers to offer specialised boys’ classes. Although attitudes towards boys and ballet have changed markedly in recent years, it is still common for boys to find themselves the only male dance student in the studio. Often surrounded by a sea of pink, it’s likely that most young male dancers will feel uncomfortable or out of place in the ballet studio at some point in their training. 

So what can be done?
Jake Burden is a young Australian dancer and teacher who has put a lot of time into addressing the challenges faced by young male dancers, as the founder and director of Ballet Brothers, an independent organisation aimed at supporting and encouraging boys who love to dance. He has some advice for teachers and parents about supporting young male dancers in the studio, as well as some tips for the boys themselves.

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