The Guardian: Oracle systematically underpaid thousands of women, lawsuit says

By Sam Levin

18 January 2019

Thousands of women were systematically underpaid at Oracle, one of Silicon Valley’s largest corporations, according to a new motion in a class-action complaint that details claims of pervasive wage discrimination.

A motion filed in California on Friday said attorneys seek to represent more than 4,200 women and alleged that female employees were paid on average $13,000 less per year than men doing similar work. An analysis of payroll data found disparities with an “extraordinarily high degree of statistical significance”, the complaint said. Women made 3.8% less in base salaries on average than men in the same job categories, 13.2% less in bonuses, and 33.1% less in stock value, it alleges.

The civil rights suit comes as the tech industries faces increased scrutiny of gender and racial discrimination, including sexual misconductunequal payand biased workplaces. The case against Oracle, which is headquartered in Redwood Shores and provides cloud computing services to companies across the globe, resembles high-profile litigation against Google, which has also faced repeated claims of systematic wage discrimination.

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