The Guardian: Closing the entrepreneurship gender gap would bring huge gains to all of us

Letter posted to The Guardian on 3 October 2018:

I hope the government takes notice of Sophia Matveeva’s sobering account of the obstacles facing women business owners (Harassment is just one of the unfair obstacles we women in business face, 26 September). Women’s entrepreneurship represents one of the biggest opportunities of our lifetime. Research suggests that closing the entrepreneurship gender gap could boost global GDP by as much as 2% or $1.5tn, but the ripple effect could go far beyond any financial projection. Imagine the innovations, services and products that would be unleashed into our markets if half the population were able to operate to their full entrepreneurial potential. These new ideas could drive scientific breakthroughs, fuel solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and, ultimately, transform the way we live our lives.
Cherie Blair
Founder, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

See the letter here in The Guardian.