Medium: An open letter regarding harassment and discrimination in the economics profession

The “Advocates for Diversity in Economics” published an open letter in December following the resignation of Harvard economist Ronald Fryer of the American Economic Association.

The letter reads:

…he created a hostile and sexualized work environment for the research assistants in his lab.

This is a painful moment for our discipline. Abuses of power, bullying, and harassment damage peoples’ health and happiness, ruin careers, and reduce the quality of scholarship in economics. Moreover, it is well documented that these abuses of power disproportionately harm womenminorities, and queer individuals. These frustrating realities have pushed us to ask how economics can address the power imbalances that drive out talented individuals, prevent the inclusion of underrepresented groups, and collectively damage our discipline.

As current graduate students and research assistants (RAs), we offer a unique and useful perspective on the opportunities our departments and the AEA have to protect us and ensure that our discipline is as diverse and vibrant as possible. Here are our suggestions.

To read the suggestions, read the letter on Medium.