Irish Times: The arts are evolving and so must the Abbey Theatre

By Frances Ruane

12 January 2019

The January 12th article by Frances Ruane, published in the Irish Times, took the form of an open letter to the Abbey Theatre and the public concerned with its operations. Ruane highlighted gender equity as an area of focus for the organization’s direction and compensations, writing:

I am pleased to have this opportunity to set out the board’s view on the current direction of the Abbey Theatre and the governance context.

The board’s most important roles are to appoint the director(s) and set strategy and overall policy for the theatre. On artistic programming, our role is to ensure the directors’ programming choices reflect our strategy, showing creativity, diversity and ambition while maintaining financial sustainability and meeting the board’s commitment to increased gender equality.

In all areas of the arts, sustainability is key, but just as important, as Ruane highlights above, is the equality of members both male and female in an organization. This letter stresses the growing awareness and prioritization of female equity in arts organizations around the world. It is essential that arts leaders take not of such letters and support, as Ruane has done, because, as this leader put it best:

Artistic decisions and the day-to-day running of the theatre are the remit of the directors.

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