ELLE: The Women of Nashville's Music Scene Are Calling Time's Up

By Jessica Hopper

9 October 2018

It’s Monday night at the Listening Room Cafe in Nashville’s SoBro neighborhood, and the venue is nearly full for the dinner seating. The air is thick with the smell of barbecue; the servers are apologetic—they’re out of the pulled pork. We’re here to see “Song Suffragettes,” Nashville’s preeminent (and only) weekly showcase for female songwriters. The lights come up, and out strides Kalie Shorr, a regular presence on the Song Suffragettes stage, followed by four young women holding acoustic guitars. Shorr sits on the center stool. Next to her is Candi Carpenter, her best friend and occasional writing partner. The rapport between all five women is collegial and affirming. They sing along to each other’s choruses. Their collective talent is palpable—and on a few songs, chill-inducing. By way of an intro, Shorr explains why this night is necessary: “Women in Nashville deserve to be heard, even if they are not on the radio.” The audience, a few hundred deep, whoops and whistles in agreement.

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