Bachtrack: Lenny Bernstein and Women Composers

7 January 2019

As we do every January, Bachtrack brings you the year in statistics: the world of classical music, that is to say, of course, the world of classical music as reflected by the 33,578 concerts, opera and dance performances in our database for 2018. You can pore over our full infographic here, but here are some of the things that caught our eye:

Women composers: improving, from a low base

Women in music continue to catch our attention. In the 2,891 contemporary orchestral works played last year and input to our database, just 12.8% were written by them versus 87.2% by men, with a great disparity according to different countries. In Germany and France, the figure is shockingly low at 5%, in sharp contrast to Sweden, where 37% of their contemporary work is by women (a look at the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra’s season highlights why). The figures for the USA and UK are 16 and 17% – the US figure would have been lower still but for a tweet at the start of 2018 by Alex Ross, which shamed the Philadelphia Orchestra into adding works by women to their 2018-19 season.

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