From Jezebel:

On ‘Love Is Blind,’ Ballet Is One Contestant’s Entire Personality—and Appeal

This article by Jezebel centers on Colleen Reed, a contestant on the most recent season of the Netflix reality show Love is Blind. Reed is a professional ballet dancer whose persona on the show is centered around her career as a dancer. The article discusses how the other contestants perceive and react to her profession, especially noting how the men on the show frequently fetishize her. The article then provides a broader context for this prevailing problem in ballet, pointing to both the early sexualization of dancers in the 18th century Paris Opera Ballet as well as abuse at New York City Ballet from George Balanchine to Peter Martins. It also references DDP’s 2021-2022 Season Overview Report as evidence of the lack of choreographic opportunities for women in U.S. ballet and classically inspired companies. The author elaborates on how these discrepancies in opportunities contribute to a culture in which female dancers are encouraged to be quiet, submissive, and obedient.

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