DDP Debuts Global Conversations Series With 9 Top Female Choreographers

Northfield, IL | May 26, 2020 Dance Data Project® (DDP) today introduces Round 1 of Global ConversationsThe Creative Process, an ongoing online series of bite-size interviews that feature some of the most notable choreographers, artistic and executive directors, dance critics, and senior academics working in ballet today.  Global Conversations offers a holistic examination of the current state and potential future of classically derived dance as both an art form and a business.

As theater doors remain closed and stay-at-home orders are extended, the ballet community is relying heavily on social media channels to remain connected.  With fast, fun interviews (≤15 minutes) conducted by DDP Founder and President, Liza Yntema, Global ConversationsThe Creative Process gives a wide array of female choreographers the rare opportunity to share the process and inspiration that underlies their creations.  Today’s inaugural episode spotlights award-winning choreographer and former artistic director, Cathy Marston, as she delves into her working methodology, life as a dancer, and thoughts on gender equity in ballet.

“As the former mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, recently said, ‘never let a serious crisis go to waste,’” said Yntema. “While venues are shuttered and seasons cancelled, this is the perfect opportunity to reexamine and reimagine ballet as a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable art form.”

Each episode of Global Conversations will feature a different choreographer, artistic/executive director, or leader in dance.  In an effort to give equal opportunities to both emerging and seasoned female voices, DDP has curated a program with interviews from artists and directors as varied as Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Claudia Schreier, Stefanie Batten Bland, Helen Pickett, Ingrid Lorentzen, and many others. “When we conceptualized Global Conversations, our team adopted a ‘go big or go home’ mentality,” said DDP Director of Research Isabelle Vail, “Needless to say, we are overjoyed to be showcasing some of the highest caliber choreographers in the ballet field today, alongside women (and male allies) who are leading some of the most successful and innovative companies worldwide.”

Global Conversations will premiere on Instagram TV, with new episodes released three times per week.  Episodes will also appear on Facebook, and DDP’s website will be updated with a library of the videos and additional information on participants as each episode is released.  In April, DDP released the 2020 version of its Fellowships, Competitions, and Initiatives Guide, a compilation of opportunities for emerging and established choreographers.  Global Conversations will continue to be released at least through June 2020 with Round 2 “Navigating Difficult Times” and a planned Round 3 with dance journalists and academics.  DDP also continues its in-depth research of the entire ballet industry and will release its comprehensive 2019-2020 Season Report (Top 50 U.S. companies) in June.