Northfield, IL | August 25th, 2022 | Dance Data Project® (DDP) today released its second Dance Venue Leadership & Programming Report. The 2022 Report examines 73 leading ballet/classically inspired dance performance venues in the United States to provide a quantitative analysis of the organizations’ programming and leadership, an increase from 50 venues studied in 2020. This Report expands on DDP’s 2020 Dance Venue Leadership & Programming Report that was produced in collaboration with the Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership (EGAL) at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

The 2022 Dance Venue Leadership & Programming Report finds that of the 507 choreographers programmed by all venues studied, 201 are female (35%). When analyzing leadership at the venues themselves, DDP findings show women make up 34% of venue leadership boards.

“As collaborators with emerging and established dance artists, performance venues support the art of dance and choreography, strengthening the public’s appreciation of dance and increasing economic growth in local communities,” said DDP Senior Research Consultant Junyla Silmon. “Venues should be held to the same standards we have set for dance organizations, bringing equitable programming to the communities they serve.”

Of the 73 venues studied, 41 venues were analyzed in both the 2020 and 2022 Dance Venue Leadership & Programming Reports to show longitudinal results. When comparing these venues over time, programming of female-led companies decreased by 4% while programming of female choreographers increased by 2%. Female leadership of these 41 venues has decreased by 7% since 2020. As each performance season produces new works, DDP recognizes that the venues list is ever evolving. We are committed to updating the Report in 2024/2025.

“We urge all presenters, dance and otherwise, to prioritize commissioning companies led by women and choreography created by women as a way to broaden audiences at a time when the live performance sector is experiencing declining attendance,” said DDP Founder & President Elizabeth ‘Liza’ Yntema.

To inquire about sources, operational definitions, or methodologies for this Report, or to learn more about DDP’s research in general, please contact Research Lead Rebecca Ferrell at

The 2022 Dance Venue Leadership & Programming Report is available on the Dance Data Project® Research Page or by download below.