Tiler Peck Could Run a Company

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Below is an excerpt from an article in the New York Times.

By Gia Kourlas

13 July 2018

In “Ballet Now,” a new documentary directed by Steven Cantor, Ms. Peck is captured in the days, hours and minutes leading up to the performances. “It changed me as a person, and I think that’s what has translated into my dancing now,” she said. “I do feel a difference.”…It tracks Ms. Peck, who in less than a week put together an eclectic program of ballet, tap, hip-hop and mime, featuring choreography by George Balanchine, Justin Peck (no relation), Bill Irwin, Michelle Dorrance and others; she oversaw dancers, choreographers, the orchestra and every other last detail. Of course, she danced, too.

“It was such a huge turning point for me,” she said, adding that it brought on an important realization: “I know I could run a company. And I could do it really well.’”

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Who wouldn’t be on-board with this stellar female leader in dance taking over a company? Tiler, if you’re reading, we know you could run a company, too.