Pointe: Female Choreographers Shine at Victoria Morgan's Cincinnati Ballet

By Isabelle Vail

23 January 2019

Pointe has posted a recent article about Cincinnati Ballet and its fearless woman leader, Victoria Morgan. The article directly praises Morgan’s use of female talent behind-the-scenes at the company. Read below an excerpt of the beginning:

Victoria Morgan
's normally bright smile is even brighter entering her 22nd season as Cincinnati Ballet's artistic director. That's because the 55-year-old company is in the best shape it has ever been: Attendance, ticket sales and the company's annual operating budget are at all-time highs. But the road to Cincinnati Ballet's current successes required an early revamp in Morgan's thinking about programming. When she took over leadership in 1997, the former San Francisco Ballet dancer had trouble accepting that the company simply didn't have the budget for her ideas about duplicating the repertoire she was used to.

"I finally realized that part of my reason for being was to find and grow young choreographic talent and to be in the conversation around today's ideas," says Morgan. That focus on rising choreographers and work from in-demand dancemakers, including Justin PeckAnnabelle Lopez Ochoa and Adam Hougland, has come to define Cincinnati Ballet. So has Morgan's commitment to highlighting female choreographers. Ballets by Heather BrittJessica Lang and Amy Seiwert and several all-female-choreographer programs have solidified that reputation.

Read the full article in Pointe Magazine.