NY Times: Dance Luminaries weigh in on the conspicuous absence of female choreographers

Author: Gia Kourlas

“'Listen, I’ve lived in a women’s world my whole life,' said Peter Martins, the ballet master in chief of New York City Ballet. 'The last thing we are is sexist here.'

At the same time, the lack of female choreographers is glaringly obvious at City Ballet and other major ballet companies.

There is Twyla Tharp, the rare woman to succeed as an important choreographer in the ballet world, but few others. (Ms. Tharp, who prefers to be recognized as a choreographer, not a female one, declined to comment for this article.)

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People in the dance world have different ideas about the reasons behind the dearth of women in a field where, as Mr. Martins points out, women predominate in number. Certain issues, though, come up again and again."

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