Claudia Schreier choreographing on dancers for Joffrey Ballet’s Winning Works competition
Courtesy of The
Joffrey Ballet
Photo by
Todd Rosenberg

Our mission

To promote equity in all aspects of classical ballet by providing a metrics based analysis through our data base while showcasing women led companies, festivals, competitions, venues, special programs and initiatives, focusing on artists of merit including choreographers, composers, photographers, lighting, costume, set designers, and commissioned composers.


History of the project

DDP began as an independent project researching current and recent choreographic works and personnel related to artistic and administrative leadership in dance companies, venues, and organizations. Our research has focused on examining productions by companies generally rooted in or greatly influenced by the European classical form. With over 2,000 records of choreographic works in the database and counting, the project is currently expanding to house records of ballet festival repertoires and leadership, choreographic fellowships, ballet competitions, summer intensives, musical compositions that accompany dance works, production staff, boards of directors, and initiatives by companies to promote an equitable environment.

With this expansion, as well as pending 501(c)(3) status, we seek not only to continue informing diversity, but to also ensure the fiscal and operational transparency of ballet companies.

Gender inequality in leadership of major dance companies is just beginning to be discussed in the dance world. We will use our data to enrich conversations that create change. Through our original research and information derived from the listening tour, we will highlight companies and initiatives that are making concrete gains in promoting female choreographers and women in leadership positions. Through sharing the results of our data analysis and acquired insight from the Listening Tour, DDP will design programming specifically tailored to the needs of up-and-coming female talent in ballet.

Founded and established by Elizabeth Yntema in 2015 as a simple database, DDP now raises awareness related to gender equality, primarily in areas of leadership and choreographic opportunities. DDP does so by issuing data reports, advocacy, and programming.