December 8, 2020 | Northfield, IL | Dance Data Project® (DDP) today announced the addition of two new categories of data to DDP’s 2020-2021 Season Status Updates resource: 2020 Festivals (U.S. and international) and Venues. This online resource lists the most recent available information concerning domestic and international programming changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The resource will continue to be updated on an ongoing basis, as information is released regarding company, festival, and venue seasons and the specifics of COVID-era programming (e.g., virtual, in-person, postponed, etc.).

The 2020-2021 Season Status Updates resource will now feature five classifications of data: Top 50 Ballet Company Seasons (largest domestic companies, ranked by annual expense), 2020 Nutcracker, International Company Seasons, 2020 Festivals (U.S. and international), and Venues. The latter two sections contain information regarding almost 60 U.S. dance venues as well as programming updates for 39 festivals around the world.

“Changes to programming are more frequent than ever before, and DDP’s Season Status Updates resource exists so that reporters, audience members, and donors will have a source of up-to-date information regarding their favorite companies, venues, and festivals,” explained DDP Director of Research Isabelle Vail. “In the midst of uncertainty, DDP is here to provide easy access to information and inspire the continued support of ballet, even if the medium through which we experience the art form changes.”

The 2020-2021 Season Status Updates resource will be periodically refreshed by DDP staff to reflect the release of information regarding 2021 spring seasons, as well as any further cancellations, postponements, or changes to virtual programming that may be announced.

“The performing arts have already suffered unthinkable losses, and getting through the winter months will be crucial to the survival of the entire ballet industry,” said DDP Archivist and Social Media Strategist Hannah McCarthy. “This resource provides an inside look at the current status of the art form and gives insight into where resources are lacking, while also reminding audiences that dance is still available for consumption, perhaps just in new and different ways.”

The DDP team continues to collect data on festival, venue, and company programming as well as company leadership (e.g., boards of directors and trustees, resident choreographers), with further reports pending until sufficient information can be reliably sourced and analyzed during the pandemic. DDP will continue to update the 2020-2021 Season Status Updates resource in addition to its COVID resources page, which is also available on DDP’s website. Additional information and details regarding festival status is available upon request.