Boston Ballet dancers rehearse Helen Pickett's "Tsukiyo"
Photo by Brooke Trisolini

Moving Forces:
Motherhood in Dance

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Brooklyn Ballet's 2022 Spring Program, "Sonic Relief"
Photo by William Miller
Courtesy of Brooklyn Ballet

2022 Artistic
and Executive
Leadership Report

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Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's "One for All"
Photo by Erin Baiano

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Artistic Director/Executive
Director Compensation Data Byte

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DDP has created to help you.

Website Walk Around
with Junyla Silmon

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My'Kal Stromile and Soo-bin Lee in Helen Pickett's "Tsukiyo"
Photo by Liza Voll
Courtesy of Boston Ballet

Oklahoma City Ballet in rehearsal for DaYoung Jung's "Composition"
Photo by Jana Carson
Courtesy of Oklahoma City Ballet

Season Overview

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Nashville Ballet in Mollie Sansone's "Fortitudine"
Photo by Karyn Kipley

Fall 2022

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Smuin Ballet in Brennan Wall's "Untwine"
Photo by Chris Hardy
Courtesy of Smuin Ballet

DDP announces the
first-ever Gender
Equity Index
in the
U.S. dance industry.

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Brooklyn Ballet in "Pas de Quatre"
Photo by Steven Pisano
Courtesy of Brooklyn Ballet

2022 Dance Venue Leadership
& Programming Report

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Chloe Freytag & Melissa Fernandez in Helen Simoneau’s “Smallest Orbits”
Photo by Simo Sooong
Courtesy of Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami

Curriculum for the Next Generation of
Leadership in Dance

Raising the Barre

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Cassandra Trenary in Jessica Lang's "ZigZag"
Photo by Rosalie O’Connor
Courtesy of American Ballet Theatre


Help us expand our global
coverage of female leadership
in dance.

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Hubbard Street Dance Chicago in Amy Hall Garner's "As the Wind Blows"
Photo by Michelle Reid
Courtesy of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

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Global Update

Gender Equity Index

DDP recently released the first-ever Gender Equity Index for the U.S. dance industry.
Click below to learn more, view the questionnaire, and participate in DDP’s original survey.